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Tyco Electronics is a leading manufacturer of electronic components and systems used in a wide range of industries including automotive, telecommunications, industrial, energy, aerospace and defense. At Bels.dk you can find a large selection of products from Tyco Electronics at competitive prices.

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In short, if you are looking for reliable and efficient electronic components and systems, Tyco Electronics is the perfect choice for you and you can find a wide selection of their products on Bels.dk. Order today and experience our fast delivery and excellent customer service.

Tyco Hwat-m (orange) 55ºc self-reg. h cable  - Billede 1


SKU: 5017455002171
Price per Meter
Special Price €40.51 €32.41 Regular Price €56.54
Tyco Hwat-r (rød) 65ºc self-reg. h cable  - Billede 1


SKU: 5017455002188
Price per Meter
Special Price €39.03 €31.22 Regular Price €54.46

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