Foot on safety since 1994

Step by step, Danish HKSDK has since the mid-90s taken its place as a leading manufacturer of safety shoes and boots in Europe – and we are fortunate to be an authorized retailer of this unique shoe brand. If you order on you and your employees can quickly and easily jump into a pair of their comfortable shoe designs. We have over 100 pairs of HDKSDK's innovative models in the shop. If you want to know more about the brand before placing an order for your new preferred safety footwear, we give you an introduction here.

Human Comfort Specialist – because it should be nice to go to work

Comfort and function must work together – which is precisely why HDSKDK is strapped to the feet of some 600,000 hardworking men and women worldwide. In Team Bels, we agree that protecting the body is the foundation of a job well done. You can choose from approximately 120 pairs of shoes and boots from this Danish quality brand with us. HDSKDK continuously strives to make your work shoes as comfortable as your casual shoes and tries to integrate as light and safe materials as possible.

HDKSDK embraces a wide range of shoes

No matter what your job requires in terms of tools, chemicals or weather conditions, you're likely to find HDKSDK safety footwear that meets your needs. As mentioned, the range covers everything in safety shoes, safety sandals, safety clogs and winter boots. Although safety may not be the primary thing in your particular job, ergonomically correct shoes without safety, clogs without safety are also available, as well as a special shoe series for women and clinical subjects, called White Series for both men and women.

Shoe alphabet at HDKSDK

We have divided the wide range of HDSKDK as clearly as possible in the shop, so you can find the pair in the right size and with the right characteristics. As an extra help, we give you an outline of HDKSDK's own division of shoes, boots, sandals and clogs:

HDKSDK safety shoes

Safety shoes are the ultimate favorite among users, as they meet a wide range of the typical requirements of work in construction and industry – and then some. The models from HDKSDK are marked as follows:

  • Z2, Z5
  • B2, B3, B5, B8, B9
  • R2, R3, R7
  • H2, H3, H6
  • M5
  • Q2, Q8

The above models marked in bold serve as comfortable safety sandal, and are gold for your feet during the warm summer months as a craftsman, warehouse employee or other functions that require breathable footwear. Check the specifications and find the safety sandal that makes it convenient, safe and flexible for you to move around the job.

Safety clogs

If you need flex clogs,

look for the S90, S95, S96 or S98 – HDKSDK gives your feet an ergonomic lift, whether it's an actual safety clogs or regular clogs you're looking for. It is not without reason they can call them the best on the market.

Winter boots

Winter boots from HDKSDK have stood the ultimate test in Norway's and Greenland's extreme weather, and are sure to provide your feet with optimal comfort in the cold Scandinavian climate. Only safely store the thick wool socks until you get home in front of the stove – the Thinsulate construction provides all the warmth you need. AquaCell makes them 100% waterproof – more on this later. If you are looking for boots that can be precisely adapted to your type of feet and ankles without compromising shock absorption, you will love the unique locking system that wraps tightly to any foot shape. Look for V4i, V5i and V6i.

Shoes without safety

Lightweight, functional and classic – this is how the smart shoes without safety with the indications N30, N31, N40 and N41 from HDSKDK can be briefly described. They have antistatic properties, are oil, acid and gasoline resistant and, of course, are anti-slip.

Clogs without safety

At HDSKDK, clogs are a science and your feet will thank you for the shock-absorbing sole as well as the strong heel cap that ensures it fits snugly to the foot. They are heat resistant up to 150 degrees and allow you to work with oil, acid and gasoline. The clogs are available in white and black from sizes 35 – 47 – and are suitable for wide feet. Look for N80, N81, N85 or N86.

White Series

Many steps are trotted every day in healthcare, and for the white sector, HDKSDK has created the White Series that exudes clinical purity and whose innovative design provides comfort and well-being for men and women's feet all day long. Whether you have knee-lying work, move around in wetlands or have extra wide feet, you will be able to find a model that fits perfectly and is deliciously breathable. Choose between regular shoes with laces or a pair of easy slip-ons indicated by H2, H3, H6 (safety shoes) or N31 and N41 (all-round without safety).



Womens only

Women in construction should have as much foot comfort as their male counterparts, even if they do not have the same body type. HDSKS has designed a range specifically for the specific needs of women on both construction sites and in the white sector – common to all of them are easy lace-fastening, toe protection, oil, acid, gasoline, and heat resistance. They are non-slip and approved antistatic. Look for H6, Q2 and Q8 (the Q models have TECH-FIBER nail protection)

Shop HDKSDK easily on

At HDKSDK, the match between comfort, design, price and usability is crucial. The service must be in order when buying safety footwear online. Should you, contrary to expectations, buy the wrong size or model of HDKSDK for yourself or the craftsman team, we will of course take them back – just put the right ones in the basket and we will send the right pairs off.

Danish shoe technology in a class of its own


HDSKDK offers technological advantages, which you can learn more about here:

Air Tech

When your feet feel good

, you feel good and can perform at your best at work. A good shoe is also versatile. With a pair of HDSKDK, the working day will feel like walking on air thanks to the unique air soles, and how is that to be understood? Yes, the extremely soft but shock-absorbing soles are created by injecting air cells. The shock-absorbing properties are distributed evenly over the entire sole, unlike common models on the market, and relieve your body throughout the day. This construction makes it possible to obtain ESD approval, so you can safely work with sensitive components and go from one working surface to another without accumulating static electricity in your body.

Light Weight

Feet and legs can quickly get tired on demanding workdays, however, HDSKDK's light weight technology pulls in a more ergonomic direction. Minimizing the weight of your footwear has a fantastic impact on body performance and this is done, among other things, through liquid SUPRASEC propolymer, a unique thermoplastic construction. The weight is reduced by as much as 22% thanks to the design of the aluminum toe cap and TECH-FIBER midsole, which makes walking and standing work noticeably easier.

Energy sole

If you want your clogs to be more than just easy to jump in on the walk across the courtyard, clogs from HDKSDK are worth looking at. The ultra-soft built-in sole absorbs 50% negative energy on any hard surface. The clogs adapt comfortably to your feet throughout the day and prevent joint damage as well as fatigue symptoms.

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