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HANS FØLSGAARD – A reliable manufacturer of quality products

HANS FØLSGAARD is a Danish manufacturer with more than 60 years of experience in the production and sale of quality products. Their products range widely from screws and bolts to tools and fittings, and they are known for their high quality and reliability. At Bels.dk, we are proud to sell products from HANS FØLSGAARD and offer our customers the best solutions.

At Bels.dk, we have day to day delivery for all stock items from HANS FØLSGAARD, which means that you can receive your goods already the day after your order. We also have over 300,000 different items on our website, of which over 50,000 are stock items for immediate delivery from HANS FØLSGAARD. We pride ourselves on offering our customers a fast and reliable delivery.

We also offer cheap shipping and can deliver products throughout Europe. This makes it easy for you as a customer to get hold of the products you need, no matter where in Europe you are. We also have Danish customer service, who are ready to help you with questions and support.

In short, HANS FØLSGAARD is a reliable manufacturer of quality products, and at Bels.dk we are proud to offer their products to our customers. We do our best to ensure that you get the best customer experience and we are always ready to help you with your needs and questions.

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  1. Stribeafdækning hvid l=1000mm - Billede 1
    Hans Følsgaard Stribeafdækning hvid l=1000mm
    Stribeafdækning til gruppetavler hvid længde 1000mm
    Vare nr.: 5705378700785
    Temp. soldout
    €7.29 Vores pris €5.83 €13.06 Vejl. Pris
  2. Stribeafdækning grå  l=1000mm - Billede 1
    Hans Følsgaard Stribeafdækning grå l=1000mm
    Stribeafdækning til gruppetavler grå længde 1000mm
    Vare nr.: 5705378646632
    €7.48 Vores pris €5.98 €13.41 Vejl. Pris

2 produkter

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