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Sweden exudes Nordic minimalism in the interior design - and at the sanitary company Gustavsberg, it really shines through. Are you looking for a new toilet, sink or faucet for kitchen and bathroom that forms a beautiful minimalist expression in your home and rethinks your and your family's everyday life? At we carry a wide range of high-quality and stylish plumbing products from Gustavsberg, known for creating aesthetic and practical plumbing solutions for private homes and public use, including healthcare and senior housing. 

For 190 years, Swedish Gustavsberg has managed to unite classic Nordic design with increasingly technologically advanced features. Gustavsberg is able to deliver everything a modern bathroom requires, including showers and shower enclosures, bathtubs, toilet seats and equipment for toilet installation as well as personal aids. In addition, there is a wealth of smart bathroom furniture and bathroom accessories. 

At Bels, we focus especially on washbasins and Nautic toilets - both floor models and wall hangings, as well as a wide range of accessories such as toilet seats, push buttons and connecting gear. Our range also consists of Gustavsberg's complete shower solutions as well as modern towel hooks and rods, toilet paper holders and toilet brush holders. 

Porcelain manufacture since 1825

The Swedish company's success can primarily be attributed to Gustav Gabrielsson Oxenstierna and his wife, Maria de la Gardie, who were already behind a brick quarry in the 1600s. However, porcelain production did not become a reality until 1825, and Gustavsberg has not rested on plumbing laurels since.

Gustavsberg acts in a timely manner and is still a leader in the field of sanitation

In 1987, Gustavberg expanded the business with the acquisition of Vårgårda Armatur, which manufactures faucets for all household needs as well as a system of couplings and ball valves for plumbers. In 1994, Gustavsberg felt the financial crisis and sold part of the company, but subsequently managed to deliver good sales results and launched a brand new and complete bathroom series already the following year. 5 years later, Gustavsberg is acquired by Villeroy & Boch AG, the German bathroom manufacturer and one of the best known in Europe in tile, household porcelain and sanitation.

The Nautic series – developed in collaboration with you as a consumer

Since 2010, Gustavsberg has taken the consumer on the development journey of the Nautic series, which has replaced the previous Nordic 2002. The purpose is clear - plumbing products are only really tested in real life in families and in professional use.

Clean line washbasins built for everyday wear and tear

Washbasins in the Nautic series are characterized by being extremely easy to clean due to Gustavsberg's quality porcelain. If you need the perfect sink for the small bathroom in the apartment or guest toilet, Nautic is a good and flexible choice thanks to the tap hole on either the left or right side as well as reasonable storage space.

Toilets with an eye for practicality and design in the Nautic series from Gustavsberg

Durability, ease of cleaning and inviting are key criteria when Gustavsberg designs toilets and this is especially true in the coveted Nautic models, of which we have as many as 10 on including with Hygienic Flush. In this series, traditional floor-mounted, but also modern wall-hung ones are available, which create air in the bathroom and further facilitate cleaning.

Nautic series toilets are available with different types of locks depending on what you prefer in a newly built bathroom, but also what options you have practically when replacing an existing toilet. The toilets have a nice finish and can either be glued or screwed with nice cover heads and blind plugs. The rounded cistern makes it obvious to mount the toilet in a corner, so you can make full use of the space in the bathroom. If the toilet is to be used by elderly or disabled people, personalization is possible in the form of arm support, care seat and elevation plinth. If you and your family are equipped with long legs, the Nautic 1546 with its high design can be the ideal solution for the best possible seating comfort.

Hygienic Flush protects the environment and provides healthier toilet conditions

Would you also like to avoid harsh cleaning agents and save time loosening unpleasant dirt and grime in the toilet bowl? You avoid this with Gustavsberg's unique Hygienic Flush system, which makes flushing more efficient by virtue of the open flushing rim, where microorganisms cannot accumulate or attach. If hygiene is paramount for you and your family, a wall-mounted Nautic toilet with Hygienic Flush can ensure you the best conditions for cleaning both the toilet itself and the surrounding area.  

Gustavsberg lives and breathes energy-saving plumbing products and production

From the idea and design phase to waste sorting and water and heat consumption, Gustavsberg makes every effort to run as environmentally friendly a business as possible. The fact that you as a consumer have tiptop bathroom solutions is not worth much if the people who created them and the planet of all of us pay the costs.

Gustavsberg continuously thinks about improving everything from the production apparatus to the recycling of materials and is significantly below the permitted limit values on several fronts, among other things thanks to an efficient ventilation system.

Biofuel from wood chips is the only heating source at the factory in Vårgårda, and thus Gustavsberg has eliminated all unnecessary heavy oil transport and ensured cleaner air. For example, 95% of old faucets are recycled, just as the plumbing savvy Swedes with their award-winning packaging of Nautic products consisting of styrofoam and wellpap makes sorting quite simple. At the same time, two birds are killed with one stone, as several of Gustavsberg's faucets are packed in microfiber cloths that you can easily use for bathroom cleaning.

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  1. Gustavsberg Nautic duo komplet trykknap krom  - Billede 1
    Gustavsberg Nautic duo komplet trykknap krom
    Gustavsberg Nautic duo trykknap i krom
    Vare nr.: 4025416099277
    €22.44 Vores pris €17.95 €62.89 Vejl. Pris
  2. Gustavsberg Nordic t2 krom trykknap dobbeltskyl  - Billede 1
    Gustavsberg Nordic t2 krom trykknap dobbeltskyl
    Gustavsberg chrome double flush push button model T2 for T2 valve body
    Vare nr.: 7391530057330
    €21.15 Vores pris €16.92 €58.34 Vejl. Pris
  3. Gustavsberg Gbg universal gummibold med adaptor  - Billede 1
    Gustavsberg Gbg universal gummibold med adaptor
    GBG universal rubber ball with adaptor for old toilets with lift-up innards
    Vare nr.: 7391530029993
    On stock: 9
    €7.95 Vores pris €6.36 €21.93 Vejl. Pris
  4. Gustavsberg Atlantic håndvaskarmatur  - Billede 1
    Gustavsberg Atlantic håndvaskarmatur
    Gustavsberg atlantic washbasin faucet chrome
    Vare nr.: 7393792232340
    On stock: 28
    €99.59 Vores pris €79.67 €211.41 Vejl. Pris
  5. Gustavsberg Atlantic køkkenarmatur høj tud  - Billede 1
    Gustavsberg Atlantic køkkenarmatur høj tud
    Gustavsberg atlantic kitchen faucet with high spout
    Vare nr.: 7393792232302
    On stock: 7
    €139.30 Vores pris €111.44 €272.06 Vejl. Pris
  6. Gustavsberg Atlantic termostatarmatur 150 cc  - Billede 1
    Gustavsberg Atlantic termostatarmatur 150 cc
    Gustavsberg atlantic two-lever thermostatic faucet outlet down 150 cc
    Vare nr.: 7393792232371
    On stock: 19
    €153.30 Vores pris €122.64 €325.44 Vejl. Pris
  7. Gustavsberg Nautic håndvask 60 x 46 cm c+  - Billede 1
    Gustavsberg Nautic håndvask 60 x 46 cm c+
    Nautic 5560 washbasin with Ceramic Plus. Mounts on bolts or 260 mm brackets - plumbing 653007000
    Vare nr.: 4047289917588
    €254.26 Vores pris €203.41 €500.34 Vejl. Pris
  8. Gustavsberg Gbg epic håndvaskarmatur blank krom  - Billede 1
    Gustavsberg Gbg epic håndvaskarmatur blank krom
    Gustavsberg epic washbasin faucet chrome
    Vare nr.: 7393792233736
    On stock: 18
    €110.31 Vores pris €88.25 €234.20 Vejl. Pris
  9. Gustavsberg Gbg epic køkkenarmatur m/udtræk krom  - Billede 1
    Gustavsberg Gbg epic køkkenarmatur m/udtræk krom
    Gustavsberg epic kitchen faucet high model with pull-out, pull-out, chrome
    Vare nr.: 7393792233859
    On stock: 41
    €230.38 Vores pris €184.30 €449.95 Vejl. Pris
  10. Gustavsberg Gbg toiletbørste ink.l holder krom  - Billede 1
    Gustavsberg Gbg toiletbørste ink.l holder krom
    Gustavsberg toilet brush incl. holder in glass, chrome
    Vare nr.: 7393792234047
    €60.11 Vores pris €48.09 €112.79 Vejl. Pris
  11. Gustavsberg Gbg håndklædekrog messing  - Billede 1
    Gustavsberg Gbg håndklædekrog messing
    Gustavsberg square towel hook brushed brass
    Vare nr.: 7393792234108
    On stock: 15
    €16.81 Vores pris €13.45 €31.55 Vejl. Pris
  12. Gustavsberg Gbg vandlås gulvtilslutning krom  - Billede 1
    Gustavsberg Gbg vandlås gulvtilslutning krom
    Gustavsberg water trap for washing, for floor connection, chrome
    Vare nr.: 7393792234160
    €98.76 Vores pris €79.01 €185.33 Vejl. Pris

110 produkter

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