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German engineering, innovation and an eye for consumer behaviour around the world are among the main reasons why many prefer Grohe when a bathroom or kitchen is newly built or renovated. That's why we sell the best in faucets, toilets and plumbing accessories from Grohe, so you can create your dream home. For more than 80 years, Grohe has been providing modern solutions for industry and private homes.

Grohe and Hans Grohe are not to be confused, but there is an essential connection. The man behind the founding of Grohe, one of the world's leading sanitary and plumbing manufacturers, is Friedrich Grohe, son of Hans Grohe. In 1936, the far-sighted Friedrich bought himself a solid capacity in the form of the two companies, Berkenhoff and Paschedag, both engaged in ironwork. Since then, the renowned thermostat specialist, the Carl Nestler Armaturen factory, also came under Friedrich's knowledgeable company management. This acquisition was the starting point for Grohe's development and production of top-class sanitary fittings. To this day, Grohe can still proudly boast of the "Made in Germany" seal of precision and quality.

Grohe has kept up with the times

Where Grohe really left its quality and functionality imprint on the sanitary industry was with Skalatherm, which in 1956 gave German private consumers and especially the colour photo laboratories of the time increased water comfort via an automatic mixing valve. With the integrated thermostat, a much more precise water temperature was achieved in just a few seconds. It was even called the "people's thermostat," emphasizing Grohe's ability to meet the usual but also special needs of the time.

Skalatherm laid the foundation for spreading plumbing comfort and convenience worldwide, first and foremost with the introduction of the single-lever faucet. Today, you and I can hardly imagine everyday life without it, but in 1968 it was a great advance to be able to regulate both temperature and flow using just a single valve. The 1970s saw the decade of shower development take off – which in the 1980s fitness and sports trend paved the way for Relexor, a state-of-the-art shower massage system that took everyday wellness to new heights. In recent times, the Grohe SmartActive Rainshowers, which you will find in both Cube and Cosmopolitan models with us, help to give you water enjoyment out of the ordinary. Simply adjust the water according to your mood.

The Grohe Movario 360 was also born to give you the ultimate home spa experience with its 5 spray settings. Water jets are not just water jets – Grohe's unique technology makes it possible to take a regular shower on working days, while rain, jet, massage and champagne spray patterns stimulate the body and senses and make cleaning the bathtub, for example, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Environmentally friendly production is central to our common resources, and the ever-increasing demands and wishes of consumers have led Grohe to embark on even more refined designs of, among other things, the Atrio and Allure Brilliant series.

3D printing enables Grohe to meet your special ideas for the faucets and water experience of the future in an economically sound way. Grohe brings both the captivating diamond-streamlined look or nature's organic shapes into your bathroom or kitchen. 

Plumbing products from Grohe focus on every detail

Man's need for water is about more than hygiene, it involves a lot of practical aspects in the short and long term. At Grohe, the products are thought through so that you as a consumer can benefit from easier cleaning thanks to the SpeedClean structure, which since 1995 has allowed you to get a clean and fresh shower head with just a single wipe.

Children's lack of risk assessment of heating elements requires safety features, which at Grohe can be seen in the form of CoolTouch – a high-tech cooling channel patented in 2005, which won the LGA award for best thermostat the following year. The channel forms a barrier between the hot water and the chrome surface. Thus, the outer layer of the thermostat never gets hotter than the set temperature.

We could go on indefinitely, should we go around Grohe's versatile and rock-solid product postage – so if you or your company are missing a specific product or have other questions about the more than 500 item numbers on the shop, please contact our customer service.

Grohe dares to rethink sanitation

Digital water solutions for your everyday life

Toilet, bathroom and kitchen facilities used to be a necessary evil, hidden away a little. Today, as Grohe puts it, it is just as much an oasis of pleasure. These are spaces where the consumer's needs and personality must be allowed to shine through. Grohe's products reflect the increasingly digitized world, for example through Ondus, which in 2004 caused a stir in the market with its eye for personalizing the way we consume water – with Grohe's Ondus app you can keep track of how much you drink, just as you are helped in a busy everyday life with reminders of when it is time to clean your Grohe Blue system. If water filtration systems such as Grohe Blue or Red are still on the wish list, you can safely shop all this with us. Our shop is e-marked and we live by satisfied customers.


Safe water systems all year round

Speaking of peace of mind, our range of Grohe offers reliable water switch systems such as Sense and Sense Guard, so you and your family avoid unpleasant damage to the house and personal belongings a pipe break, leak or frost might otherwise create. See and buy everything for installing these smart systems on and ask us for advice for a solution that comes all the way around your plumbing project. – always strong on Grohe products

We are a proud distributor of everything from this German sanitary specialist ranging from built-in cisterns, design faucets and thermostats to sinks and tubs, head and hand showers, toilets both traditional and the exclusive shower toilet Sensia Arena. This award-winning shower toilet is gaining ground in several places and if you want to contribute to a greener planet, one can be one of the ways.

According to Grohe, you save an average of about 15 kg of toilet paper per person annually – cleaning with water after using the toilet is no longer culturally conditioned, but increases the feeling of freshness and saves trees, production costs and protects wastewater from various substances.

Fast and safe delivery of Grohe to your dream bath and kitchen

We carry control plates in Grohe's durable and stable use quality. In addition, you will find a crazy selection of bathroom interiors such as towel and toilet paper holders in delicious, trendy metal colors, so you can create harmony in the décor – in short, everything a home in the 21st century requires in terms of practicality and aesthetics.

At, we keep up to date on the latest plumbing trends. With its continuous development – and especially the fact that they deliver one of the most robust and immaculate coatings – Grohe is a permanent part of the shop's digital shelves.

With Grohe, you make a long-term safe investment that stays beautiful and functional for decades. Our shop contains sought-after products, and fulfills our and Grohe's wish for access to healthy, comfortable and climate-friendly water for everyone – regardless of budget. We are happy to have a chat if you are shopping for larger commercial buildings where the customer wants the best of the best in German plumbing expertise.

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  1. Grohe Rapid sl fresh flush 3in1 wc 6-9 liter  - Billede 1
    Grohe Rapid sl fresh flush 3in1 wc 6-9 liter
    Rapid Fresh Flush recessed cistern 1.13 m high - with chrome plastic control plate vertical/horizontal mounting. Bolt clearance 180/230 mm.
    Vare nr.: 4005176327926
    €249.33 Vores pris €199.46 €622.83 Vejl. Pris
  2. Grohe Grohtherm bundle termostat 34734000  - Billede 1
    Grohe Grohtherm bundle termostat 34734000
    Grohtherm shower set including square thermostat, built-in box, rainshower head shower set and hand shower
    Vare nr.: 4005176466403
    €1,053.20 Vores pris €842.56 €2,874.53 Vejl. Pris
  3. Grohe Grohtherm thm set shower+show.set  - Billede 1
    Grohe Grohtherm thm set shower+show.set
    Grohtherm shower set including square thermostat, built-in box and Rainshower main shower set
    Vare nr.: 4005176466076
    On stock: 4
    €736.61 Vores pris €589.29 €2,010.46 Vejl. Pris
  4. Grohe Grt smartcontrol conc. thm bundle rd 2sc  - Billede 1
    Grohe Grt smartcontrol conc. thm bundle rd 2sc
    Grohtherm SmartControl Perfect shower set including round thermostat with 2 valves, overhead shower set and hand shower
    Vare nr.: 4005176484100
    €1,160.80 Vores pris €928.64 €3,263.49 Vejl. Pris
  5. Grohe Essentials håndklædestang 600mm krom  - Billede 1
    Grohe Essentials håndklædestang 600mm krom
    Grohe Essentials single chrome-plated metal towel rail - usable length: 600 mm - total length 654 mm
    Vare nr.: 4005176326264
    On stock: 1
    €47.93 Vores pris €38.34 €111.05 Vejl. Pris
  6. Grohe Essentials håndklædeholder supersteel  - Billede 1
    Grohe Essentials håndklædeholder supersteel
    Grohe Essentials towel rack supersteel
    Vare nr.: 4005176413278
    On stock: 4
    €128.59 Vores pris €102.87 €347.56 Vejl. Pris
  7. Grohe Essentials håndklædestang 600mm 40366gn1  - Billede 1
    Grohe Essentials håndklædestang 600mm 40366gn1
    Grohe Essentials single metal towel rail - usable length: 600 mm - total length 654 mm. Brushed Cool Sunrise.
    Vare nr.: 4005176429859
    €86.60 Vores pris €69.28 €189.83 Vejl. Pris
  8. Grohe Essentials håndklædekrog supersteel  - Billede 1
    Grohe Essentials håndklædekrog supersteel
    Grohe Essentials towel hook supersteel
    Vare nr.: 4005176412424
    On stock: 3
    €26.25 Vores pris €21.00 €70.96 Vejl. Pris
  9. Grohe Essentials toiletbørstesæt supersteel  - Billede 1
    Grohe Essentials toiletbørstesæt supersteel
    Grohe Essentials toilet brush set supersteel
    Vare nr.: 4005176412486
    €76.60 Vores pris €61.28 €207.04 Vejl. Pris
  10. Grohe Essentials reserverulleholder supersteel  - Billede 1
    Grohe Essentials reserverulleholder supersteel
    Grohe Essentials spare roller holder supersteel
    Vare nr.: 4005176413094
    On stock: 12
    €47.06 Vores pris €37.65 €127.21 Vejl. Pris
  11. Grohe Essentials toiletrulleholder supersteel  - Billede 1
    Grohe Essentials toiletrulleholder supersteel
    Grohe Essentials toilet roll holder supersteel
    Vare nr.: 4005176413131
    On stock: 14
    €55.45 Vores pris €44.36 €149.88 Vejl. Pris
  12. Grohe Keramisk patron 46 mm  - Billede 1
    Grohe Keramisk patron 46 mm
    For Grohe single-lever batteries - with ceramic sealing system and adjustable volume limiter
    Vare nr.: 4005176008283
    On stock: 3
    €62.66 Vores pris €50.13 €169.38 Vejl. Pris

446 produkter

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