Increases air quality and makes construction healthier

Does your indoor climate feel fresh and delicious? Do you thrive in the homely atmosphere? If not, it may be time to optimize the home, for example by looking at our Swedish neighbors in Småland. For years, they have created a wide range of ventilation products with sustainability in focus. The ingenuity and quality are felt on the award-winning Intellivent® SKY bathroom fans, fresh air vents and heat recovery systems.

It started with plastic parts

The road to success is rarely straight, nor has it been for the Fresh brand, which belongs to Volution Ventilation Group Nordic. In the 1970s, it was recognized that it was not skate protectors and chin protection on riding helmets that were what they should be aiming for. Nor small parts for the kids' toy stoves. The investment was ventilation, which they have made clear to everyone – including us at – with one groundbreaking product after another. If you read on, you will understand why.

Ventilation grill indoors and outdoors

To achieve pleasure, air must be able to circulate freely. Whether you prefer metal or plastic material or prefer a square or round shape, the range from this ventilation manufacturer offers different brick gratings. For all the standard square plastic gratings, practical insect nets are available so that the air flow remains optimal all year round.

Equipment to contain weather and wind

Conversely, the wind must be able to be contained and protected against, especially if you are lucky enough to live close to the sea, where the wind is strongly felt. You can do this with a storm cap in classic white (NCS S0502Y) or weatherproof aluzinc (unvarnished). These replace a traditional masonry grate and at the same time prevent water ingress. The storm jacket is compatible with common 8 l/s v/10 Pa valves and is mounted on the façade. Its cover forms a neat ending.

Fresh AB sets the bar high for the development of ventilation products

If you do not yet feel completely convinced whether the selection is good enough for your ventilation project, we would just like to add that in 2019 the manufacturer won a Red Dot Design Award and thus breathed the competitors by the neck when it came to creating unique and innovative solutions.

The Fresh Intellivent® SKY is the only one worldwide equipped with a fabulous odour sensor, a pressure performance that is hard to beat and an advanced humidity control system. Your bathroom environment is and should be the most beautiful oasis.

So how does this air sensor work? Yes, it picks up strong odors and immediately speeds up the fan, so you get rid of the nuisance in a ruf. This to the delight of both you and the next toilet visitor. Incidentally, this also applies to noise, which is why the series is created with a strong and significantly better engine than its "ancestors." Nevertheless, it is virtually silent. It is, as the Swedes themselves would say, "extremely silent"


Bath and toilet are rooms where moisture must be kept in check, and this is done quite automatically with a SKY fan. The air flow increases with the humidity. In other words, it is quite self-propelled in a good way. You will also experience this in its light sensor, which detects it as soon as you enter the room and start up the ventilation. After 26 hours, the fan will automatically run, and is therefore also suitable for basements and holiday homes where you are only staying temporarily.

Ventilation technology with nice touch panel

Although it has

a distinguished product price with it, it has not become too fine for Mr. and Mrs. Jensen. SKY is easily operated by anyone and everyone with the on/off button pressed and the functions are easy to navigate. As soon as you're ready to leave the bathroom, the panel goes out and doesn't stand and doesn't light up or blink – it's almost invisible.

You can always return to factory settings. And should there be special conditions in your home, you quickly adapt with Bluetooth App Fresh Ventilation, which incidentally means that you do not need to grab a stool or pastry ladder to reach the panel when it is mounted in the ceiling.

Do you need an installation kit for Intellivent 100 and 125?

Here at the shop, we help you get a better indoor climate in new and older homes. We have everything you could dream of from wind stops, cover plates and fronts in beautiful colors including champagne, red and titanium. Despite Intellivent's high technology, you quickly get it installed on both wall and ceiling using the quick connection to the cables. With a single grip, you get hold of the fan impeller, which you can clean more easily.

Save on household budgets with smart ventilation solutions

In these times, it's all about saving energy. For those who want to move the heat between the rooms and floors of the house, and take advantage of the ignition in the wood-burning stove, we offer the speed-controlled Intellivent Celcius and the wall penetration kit. This system provides a comfortable temperature starting at 16 and up to 30 degrees (max 50°C) anywhere in the home and between floor separations thanks to the calibratable thermostat. It also has an integrated safety switch.

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