Færgemann is one of our leading manufacturers of quality tools for gardening and agriculture.

Their product range spans everything from hand tools to larger machines, and they have a long tradition of delivering robust and reliable products to their customers.

At Bels.dk, we carry a wide range of products from Færgemann, and our customers can be sure to find quality products at competitive prices.

We offer day-to-day delivery on all stock items from Færgemann, so our customers can quickly get started with their gardening or agricultural projects. In addition to the fast delivery, we also have a large warehouse with over 50,000 stock items for immediate delivery.

Our range from Færgemann includes everything from pruning shears, garden tools and hedge trimmers, to larger machines such as sweepers and tractors. All products are made of high quality and are designed to last for many years.

We offer cheap shipping to all our customers and can deliver Færgemann's products to all of Europe. Our customer service is Danish and always ready to help with questions or problems.

In short, Færgemann is one of our preferred manufacturers due to their focus on quality and durability. At Bels.dk, we are proud to offer our customers a wide selection of Færgemann's products, and our day-to-day delivery and low prices make it easy and convenient to shop with us.

Færgemann Flex.anode 3/4 Ø21,3x130MM 3ele  - Billede 1

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Færgemann Stavanode 3/4 prop Ø22 x 500mm  - Billede 1

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Færgemann Stavanode m/pakn., m8 x ø26 x 579 mm  - Billede 1


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Færgemann Magnesium anode ø66x914mm, 2 x ½'', 6kg  - Billede 1


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