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EXACT is a leading manufacturer of metalworking tools, which has a long tradition of delivering tools of high quality and precision. Their product range ranges widely and includes everything from drills, cutters and turning sticks to cutting tools and measuring tools.

As a reseller of EXACT tools, I am proud to offer my customers a range of products known for their reliability and precision. At Bels.dk, we focus on offering our customers the best service and quality, which is why we have chosen to include EXACT in our product range.

We offer day to day delivery for all stock items, and with over 300,000 different items in stock, we have a wide selection of products for different needs. With more than 50,000 items in stock for immediate delivery, we can ensure our customers fast delivery, and our shipping prices are competitive and advantageous for customers.

We can deliver EXACT products throughout Europe, and our dedicated customer service is ready to help with any questions or queries. As a distributor of EXACT tools, we are proud to supply products known for their high quality and reliability, and we are sure that our customers will benefit from this precision tool in their work.

Benefits of choosing EXACT from Bels.dk:

  • High quality and precision products
  • Large selection of tools for metalworking
  • Day to day delivery for all stock items
  • Over 300,000 different items in stock
  • Over 50,000 items in stock for immediate delivery
  • Competitive shipping rates
  • Possibility of delivery throughout Europe
  • Danish customer service available for questions and inquiries

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