Elogic – environmentally conscious supplier of all kinds of electrical panels

Supplying control panels, distribution boards, switchboards and producing series panels that meet the high demands of industry and the installation market requires specialist knowledge, which Elogic possesses. Despite advanced electrical systems, they know how to develop and produce intuitive solutions, whether it is for their broad standard range or customized electrical needs. Elologic know-how is expressed in boards for every purpose and need. Easy assembly and user safety are at the top of the agenda. The ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications have therefore not come to sleep either.

As the market leader in electricity on our common planet, the environment also tops the priority list, and Elogic prevents pollution at all stages of the company, just as they make the same demands on their suppliers. Long product life with low resource consumption are logical and central focal points.

Why choose the control panel from Elogic?

Control panels from Elogic are a reliable choice for your process plant and there is no modular system or specific solution that they do not have in-depth knowledge of, should an automation task cause you challenges. The quality of the components is ensured through stable cooperation with suppliers.

Distribution boards from Elogic

Whether you are building a new detached house or participating in a complex large construction, you cannot avoid a group board or distribution board. Elogic is guaranteed to have the product for exactly the part of the electricity supply system you are missing and also the complete solution for optimal power distribution. You will be covered here and now, and at the same time get a product with the possibility of future upgrading and expansion – according to current legal requirements and standards both nationally and internationally, of course. It's about your safety, your wishes and technological progress.

Elogic's panel panels – for new construction and construction sites

Elogic has put on a Danish leadership jersey when it comes to delivering power panels at home and abroad. You will often come across their group and construction site boards, but also camping and marine stands almost no matter where you are in the world. The mobile panels and range of accessories have also been developed with the often harsh northern European climate in mind – in other words, the galvanized stand is created for rough handling by weather gods and the environment among craftsmen and heavy machinery.

State-of-the-art factory facilities

Elogic's headquarters are located in Hornsyld, while Poland has been the setting for Egonic's efficient production of series boards since 2003. But do not think that either European standards or the Machinery Directive are being flouted for that reason! Elogic emphasizes its well-planned production, as they also like to produce according to UL, CSA and other overseas regulations.


Quality boards and pro service

With your customer wishes in mind, you are also ensured a durable and flexible solution for many years to come. If your panel is around 50-60 years old, yes - then Elogic is also happy to contribute with board drawings and advice and guidance on spare parts. In our view, it makes good sense to buy electrical goods in one place.

Bels.dk is in line with Elogic, as we offer you a fully functional group board for your new home within a few days. We sell both panel panels as well as construction site panels and lights for this, which we take pride in delivering quickly and conveniently, so that both your company's infrastructure and society as a whole works.

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