Industrial fan heater produced in the Nordics

El-Bjørn is an 70 year old Swedish company. It is safe to say that their development of heating fans, ventilation systems, construction site lighting etc. has not been standing still.

Karl-Henrik Enocson was a visionary man who in 1954 laid the foundation to what was formerly known as Armaturartikler AB in Anderstorp. At that time, the focus was on fixed switchboards and security elements. Already in the 60s his team could offer complete installation of building electricity.

In the 1970s, they took another innovative step offering socket outlets and heating fans under their own brand name. In the 80s, construction site centers were also sold under the same private label.

1983 - El-Björn Electro became a reality

With Björn Enocsson on board as shareholder, a name change was appropriate. Three years later, the company moved into the current premises on Depågatan. They also operate in Norway and England.

A game changer in the electricity industry

In 1994, the new BCS module system was ready to be presented, and it took competitors by storm. Just 4 years later they take over Antifukt. As a tribute to this, the company changes its name to El-Björn Klimat AB.

The 00s offer several new measures - container centers and electrical cabinets see the light of day. They also launch the TVS product line, which stands for Trying Fans. In those years The LR500 air purification system was created as well.

Jumping forward to 2017, they were ready to face the increasingly digital and sustainable construction industry. The concept, Elbjörn Connect, reduces energy consumption on light, power and climate projects.

Mergers and new owners do not compromise quality and service

The Finns helped pave the way for El-Björn's success – in 2018 they acquired Vohek, which produces power distribution centers and group switchboards for smaller homes. Before then, there have been several company constellations.

In 2005, Klimat AB merged with El-Björn Electro AB and the Norwegian Byggstrøm AS came under its wing. In this connection, they change their name to El-Bjørn AS. Privec AB Stockholm and Connecting Capital became main owners in 2011 and 2016 respectively. Today, both Sateme and El-Björn are financially run by United Power.

All these hierarchical measures do not change neither product quality nor the service level. The company remains the preferred business partner for e.g. Helsinki Motorboat Club, which is among the largest and most well-established in Finland.

El-Björn's team likes to take on new challenges, such as Yara in Köping that deals with crops. They benefit from the cost-effectiveness of Aurora installations.

Corrosion-resistant and quiet fan heaters sold online

We have several Nordic suppliers of professional electrical equipment, and are happy that El-Björn is one of them. Our range includes various thermostats, switch and combi boxes as well as the stable fan heaters vf9b and vf 21a.

We can supply you with both transportable and models for fixed installation (IP44 and IP55 class) and are happy to help you with additional wall mounting brackets. If the fan wheel on your VF9 is worn out from long and faithful service, we will quickly send you a new one. Should others happen to have emptied our shelves before you got your hands on a certain item, we will stock up instantly.

The fast and safe way to get warm

Construction sites can be rough to walk on, especially in the cold months. With one of these temporary or permanently installed heating sources, you will not compromise on comfort and safety regardless of season. Simply connect the 2 m cable to the socket and set the heat output and fan speed.

In terms of energy consumption, the heating fans range from 2 kW and up to 500 V - you can see the frequency of the respective models in the table below. Thanks to the special grid, they distribute the heat better.

The textile industry is often under scrutiny in the media, but when it comes to safety, the Swedes are at the forefront. All products are thoroughly tested, regardless of what world market they are to be used in. El-Björn is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified and several of the heating fans are available in fireproof versions.

Get rid of damp and heat the work area with mobile fans

Unfortunately, winter weather often cases water damage. If you are struggling with such incident in your home we suggest you combine fan heating with a dehumidifier (https://bels.dk/da/ventilation/affugter-befugter/affugtere?p=2). That way your basement or workroom will quickly be up and running again.

Even if your tasks and physical workplaces change, you can easily move the fan around - they only weigh from 6 kg upwards. If you want greater flexibility and power savings, we suggest you choose a model with a timer.

Primary heaters are cheaper in the long run, but El-Björn's building heating makes your working environment more comfortable immediately. A radiator (https://bels.dk/da/vvs/varme-styring/radiator) works as passive heating, and therefore takes longer to heat up the room, whereas a fan sends the tempered air around directly.

How many Hertz or oscillations do they run at?

Frequency                          50 Hz                                                        50/60 Hz

Model                                                      vf3, vf6, vf6b,                                            21A, vfbr 9 2f,

                                                                 vf7, vf9b, vf9br,                                        vf9f2, vf15f2

                                                                 vf9bt, vf12, vf15



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  1. El-bjørn Varmeblæser 440v/60hz vf7 kabel  - Billede 1
    El-bjørn Varmeblæser 440v/60hz vf7 kabel
    Fan heater 440v/60hz vf7 cable
    Vare nr.: 7392274263919
    On stock: 1
    €1,089.44 Vores pris €871.55 €1,418.76 Vejl. Pris
  2. El-bjørn Varmeblæser vf 21A med kabel 230V  - Billede 1
    El-bjørn Varmeblæser vf 21A med kabel 230V
    Fan heater vf 21A with cable 230V
    Vare nr.: 7392274264046
    On stock: 7
    €252.99 Vores pris €202.39 €329.80 Vejl. Pris
  3. El-bjørn Varmeblæser fast montage vf15f2  - Billede 1
    El-bjørn Varmeblæser fast montage vf15f2
    Fan heater fixed mounting vf15f2
    Vare nr.: 7392274116048
    €1,031.13 Vores pris €824.90 €1,342.84 Vejl. Pris
  4. El-bjørn Varmeblæser 440v/60hz vf12 kab.  - Billede 1
    El-bjørn Varmeblæser 440v/60hz vf12 kab.
    Fan heater 12 kW, portable. 440 V 50/60 Hz, IP44. Supplied with 2 m connection cable.
    Vare nr.: 7392274263933
    €1,182.90 Vores pris €946.32 €1,540.49 Vejl. Pris
  5. El-bjørn Varmeblæser vf9bt CEE-indg.+tim  - Billede 1
    El-bjørn Varmeblæser vf9bt CEE-indg.+tim
    Fan heater vf9bt CEE ing.+h
    Vare nr.: 7392274263353
    €511.75 Vores pris €409.40 €666.44 Vejl. Pris
  6. El-bjørn Omskifterboks okbt 55-2 vf9/15f2 ip55  - Billede 1
    El-bjørn Omskifterboks okbt 55-2 vf9/15f2 ip55
    Switch box OKTB 55-2 for controlling speed and heating power. IP55. Fits VF 9F2+VF 15F2.
    Vare nr.: 7392274520722
    €288.74 Vores pris €230.99 €357.19 Vejl. Pris
  7. El-bjørn Termostat til vf21+vf31  - Billede 1
    El-bjørn Termostat til vf21+vf31
    Thermostat for vf21+vf31
    Vare nr.: 7332813006003
    €28.11 Vores pris €22.49 €34.78 Vejl. Pris
  8. El-bjørn Omskifter til vf3-15+vfbr9 16060  - Billede 1
    El-bjørn Omskifter til vf3-15+vfbr9 16060
    Switch to vf3-15+vfbr9 16060
    Vare nr.: 7392274160607
    €34.38 Vores pris €27.50 €42.53 Vejl. Pris
  9. El-bjørn Vægkonsol til vf-serie ex b-model  - Billede 1
    El-bjørn Vægkonsol til vf-serie ex b-model
    Wall console for vf series ex b model
    Vare nr.: 7392274263803
    €7.98 Vores pris €6.38 €9.86 Vejl. Pris
  10. Klaplåg f/fdk90801
    Klaplåg f/fdk90801
    Klaplåg til FDK90801 byggepladstavle
    Bredde 210mm, Højde 70mm
    Klar Plast
    Vare nr.: 7392274350169
    €26.34 Vores pris €21.07 €26.98 Vejl. Pris
  11. Byggepladstavle 32a 7 afg.
    Byggepladstavle 32a 7 afg.
    Byggepladstavle 32A, 6x230V
    + 1xCEE 16A 5P og 1xCEE 32A 5P
    Vare nr.: 7392274908032
    On stock: 12
    €275.14 Vores pris €220.11 €353.76 Vejl. Pris
  12. Byggepladstavle 32a 6 afg.
    Byggepladstavle 32a 6 afg.
    Byggepladstavle 32A
    2X230V DK, 2X230 3 Pol CEE
    2X16A 5pol CEE
    Vare nr.: 7392274908216
    On stock: 14
    €312.13 Vores pris €249.70 €401.31 Vejl. Pris

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