At, we always keep the door open for good quality – that's why dorma is one of our suppliers when it comes to door pumps and slide rails. The Dorma ts 93 is many people's preferred choice, and we are happy to provide this eminent door closing system for your office, local sports arena, hotel, hospital or airport. If you would like to know more about dorma and their many versatile access and security products, we open the floodgates to the company, which is among the three largest globally.

Dormakaba collaborates on your safety

At Dormakaba, they take no shortcuts when it comes to accessibility. You must be able to send your loved ones safely on board the plane and wave them home at the door of the gate without the danger of fingers, suitcases and souvenirs getting trapped. The same is true when you, as a nursing staff and porter, have to move patients around the corridors or towards the overwhelming experience in the delivery room for the first time.

Early beginnings in Switzerland and Germany

Safety has been the focal point at Kaba ever since – well, hold on tight; 1862! Here Franz Bauer founded a company in Zurich that produced cash registers. However, they not only operated with accepting cool cash, but tracked more and more towards the growing need for fireproof storage of accounts.

One is tempted to make a pun "time passes, dorma remains", because already in 1908 Rudolf Mankel and Wilhelm Dörken put their names on a sea of door hinges all over the German market. The later cooperation between the two innovative companies is reinforced by Kaba's inventions in 1934: a locking cylinder with reversible key and Dorma's rapidly developing product portfolio, which in 1950 will also include the TS 50 door closer.

Just 10 years later, the world is rightly blown away with the invention of the push code lock, which makes it possible to give specific access to sensitive information or rooms via a personal PIN. Americans in particular are embracing the product. Dorma certainly does not hold back on automation either, as in 1962 they follow the trend of increased comfort and safety in society's central buildings with new, smart door systems. They are aware that it is not only the many who walk through the doors every day who should feel safe, but also the installer, which in 1976 resulted in the manufacture of glass fittings that reduce the risks of working with glass doors.

Greater production – same high quality of locking and door systems

In the case of Dorma, production capacity is significantly expanded with factories in Singapore, Sao Paulo and the USA. As mentioned earlier, KABA has financial practices, and will also go public in 1995, while in 2000-2001 they acquire Canadian Unican Group – a step that makes them the frontrunner in everything to do with security locks, hotel locks and push-code locks. Their expertise with key systems, key cutting machines, yes - any key subject - is unmistakable. In 2002, mobile partition systems also come into Dorma's capable hands with the acquisition of the European "Hüppe Form Raumtrennsysteme" and "Modernfold Inc." 'Overthere.'

Kaba wishes you a good journey!

And they have done so since 2009, when they – based on new IATA regulations – enter into a development cooperation with Lufthansa. For the first time, air travelers in Frankfurt can board through automatic e-gates.

A fusion of core competencies

2015 will be the year when Dorma's and Kaba's corporate strengths merge, placing them in the top 3 in the market for access control, security solutions and services. "The sky is the limit" you could almost say, which is underlined by the fact that they are also launching cloud-based products – user access and rights can now be managed via mobile devices. However, it does not stop there, as the mechanical fuse area expands in North America with the acquisition of Mesker Openings Group as well as Stanley Black & Deckers. Despite the rapid development and the wide range of master key systems, door hardware, interior glass and entrance systems, lodging, safe locks, electronic access and movable walls, the business principle is relatively simple: to create the best and most future-proof solution for you as a customer. – your dorma dealer

It's hard not to let the otherwise North Jutland mentality run away with us a bit when we have the opportunity to offer you some of these leading locking and door automation solutions, which can be found on the busiest public hubs and in the most beautiful commercial buildings around the world, such as King's Cross Station and Zurich Airport to Galaxy Soho and Vodafone, Düsseldorf.

If you need further arguments for why you should, for example, invest in a TS 93 door closing system, read below.

The door closing system you can use anywhere

Designed for both single and double-leaf doors with a max width of 1,600 mm, the TS 93 has an opening torque that makes every passage through the doors playful, whether you have your hands full or not. The award-winning design may be silver, but pure gold in terms of accessibility and can also be equipped with a restraint function and integrated smoke detector.

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