A plug that doesn't steal attention – and yet

For mechanical engineer Anders Thorngaard, it is not far from idea to action. And thank goodness for that! Because this has resulted in a super nice product in the form of flat and neat plugs that do not spring negatively into the eyes of those who care about interior design. Thorngaard brings with him a wealth of experience from his time as a consultant at several trendsetting development houses.

Danish design and functionality

Denmark's flattest plug. Bum. That is how briefly the assortment can actually be described. But there is also the same thing about safety, and of course it follows all applicable standards in Denmark. The designer connectors are certified and approved by Intertek Semko according to DS 60884-2-D1:2017.

Therefore, you only need to focus on which of the total of 9 beautiful colors you would like on the socket behind the dresser, sofa or where mental disorders should preferably not have space, namely in your bedroom. This is exactly what Thorngaard has thought of, as there is not a single visible screw, which gives the plug a very exclusive and stylish look.

But what do I do now that the electronics device is purchased with a traditional plug?

It is quite easy to retrofit your favorite Designer Connector yourself at home or in the creative workplace. Add a personal touch to everything from the coffee maker, flat screen and - most importantly seen with Bels glasses - the designer lamp.

The plug is available with and without ground, and can be used for sockets or wall outlets using either the high or low cover. Find assembly instructions on Designerstik's website and follow the Danish Safety Authority's thorough guidance on do-it-yourself electricity

We keep up with the new interior design trends

Here at the shop, everything should not be black and white. Therefore, we are happy to procure the popular red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple and pink FORM connectors. If you need a larger batch, we also handle it at a good price. Just write to

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