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Here at the shop, we can offer everything in panel equipment and power supplies, including transformers from DANTRAFO, which may be based among Lemvig's almost 7,000 inhabitants, but which supplies power on an equal footing with leading manufacturers in Europe. There have been more than 20,000 products over the last 35 years – you will find 16 of the item numbers here at GSV. The range includes a number of standard models, but the majority of applications are tailor-made and created through close customer dialogue.

A global player in core and wrapping technology

A well-functioning society and business community is based on electricity, but product development and its safety should be closely monitored. DANTRAFO owns their own factories in Denmark, Sweden and China, respectively, and is thus in touch with any idea for inductive components until the final solution comes on the market. Be it anything from 5x5 mm data line transformers to the advanced 400 kilo heavy 100KVA with 3 phases.

The development engineers wear the latest software such as balance beams safely on the line, whether the discipline is Transformer Design, Power Electronics, Electromagnetism, HF design, EMI or safety approvals. In 2017, they took a unique quantum leap with a product that can be used in connection with LCL filters, DV/dt and sine filters as well as UPS and electric car charging. Since 2019, they have had Overgaard Transformere ApS on board.

Distribution of solar, wind and electricity

We see, hear and are exposed to it daily in the media: energy optimization is one of the central challenges of our time. As a transformer manufacturer, DANTROFO plays a key role in relation to conversion in the big picture, and is committed to an environmentally friendly approach to materials.

The company already achieved ISO 9001 certification in 1992 and has been ISO 14001 certified for the past 21 years. Through closely followed projects, they continue to make an important contribution to reducing consumption and CO2 emissions. This applies not only to the management team at Ivan Gam, all employees are active in the environmental program.

Wind-power power, noise reduction and optimal converter operation are just some of the areas that have been intensively worked on in the green transition. The cost and flow processes are under continuous scrutiny – the quality must remain top notch regardless of which factory or team is responsible for the task.  

Top quality transformers in bels.dk

Should we help you manage the power safely and efficiently? We are able to supply fast and flexibly installable Dantrofo control current transformers for control panels, drives and switchgears. The series is manufactured with a high degree of corrosion protection and minimal noise level. If you want a lightweight model, we are also happy to help you get ring core transformers, based on a unique lamination and built around a magnetic loop that reduces interference and load loss.

Feel free to contact us at the support for technical questions.

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  1. Dantrafo Transformer, 230/24v 40va  - Billede 1
    Dantrafo Transformer, 230/24v 40va
    Styrestrømstransformer 230/24V 40VA, for bund- eller DIN skinnemontage, med sikring
    Vare nr.: 5705150113246
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    €283.81 €227.05
  2. Dantrafo Transformer, 230/24v 63va  - Billede 1
    Dantrafo Transformer, 230/24v 63va
    Styrestrømstransformer 230/24V 63VA, for bund- eller DIN skinnemontage, med sikring
    Vare nr.: 5705150113253
    On stock: 27
    €109.21 Vores pris €87.37 €368.93 Vejl. Pris
  3. Dantrafo Transformer, 230/24v 250va  - Billede 1
    Dantrafo Transformer, 230/24v 250va
    Styrestrømstransformer 230/24V 250VA, for bund- eller DIN skinnemontage, med sikring
    Vare nr.: 5705150113284
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    €144.56 Vores pris €115.65 €589.96 Vejl. Pris
  4. Dantrafo Transformer, 230/24v 160va  - Billede 1
    Dantrafo Transformer, 230/24v 160va
    Styrestrømstransformer 230/24V 160VA, for bund- eller DIN skinnemontage, med sikring
    Vare nr.: 5705150113277
    €424.70 Vores pris €339.76 €463.34 Vejl. Pris
  5. Dantrafo Transformer, 230/24v 100va  - Billede 1
    Dantrafo Transformer, 230/24v 100va
    Styrestrømstransformer 230/24V 100VA, for bund- eller DIN skinnemontage, med sikring
    Vare nr.: 5705150113260
    out of stock
    €216.25 Vores pris €173.00 €235.93 Vejl. Pris

5 produkter

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