Praying tire plugs for holes in wood

Would you like to cover one or more wooden screw holes in a discreet and neat way?


At Bels we carry a large selection of tire plugs from the wood turning company Beder. The tyre plugs you will find on this page are made of untreated pine, and they are therefore well suited for covering holes in different kinds of wood materials.


Take a look at our selection of Beder tyre plugs on this page and choose the size that best suits the holes you want covered.

Benefits of using tire plugs from Beder

  • They are particularly suitable for covering holes in wood.
  • They are equipped with a raised head, which gives you a traditional and classic finish.
  • They are easy to use.
  • They fit screw holes perfectly, among other things.

When a nice finish is important to you

Is it important to you that you end up with a great result when you build things or renovate your home? And do you have an eye for even the smallest detail?


Wooden screw holes are easy to cover when using Beet tire plugs. They make it virtually impossible to see that there has been a hole and they are easy to mount. If you are looking for a classic and nice finish when you need to get rid of eye-catching screw holes, the cover buttons from Beder may well be something for you.

Praying tire plugs in untreated pine

The cover buttons you will find on this page all come in untreated pine. Among other things, they are available in a size with a diameter of 12 mm, and they are made for mounting in pre-drilled holes.


They are cheap to buy and you can buy them in a pack containing 100 pieces.

Should we help you with your order?

Do you have any questions for us or would you like our help ordering the items you want to have sent to your home? Then we would love to hear from you by email. 


You can catch our customer service by sending an email to Then we will make sure that you get a quick response to your inquiry so that you can move forward with your order.


We look forward to hearing from you and helping you.

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