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If you are a true do-it-yourself m/k or pro craftsman, you have most likely had a roll of aluminum tape or insulation tape from Armadan in your hands - if not, just put a few of each in the basket! In, we are strong on what you cannot do without in your construction and renovation project. Armadan's products are highly flexible and their quality has the ability to stick to the consciousness of insulation professionals, especially the PVC tape. Find out more about the different types of adhesive tapes, the dealers behind them and advice for choosing insulation below.

Armadan cuts out technical insulation for ordinary people and professionals

Comfort insulation, passive fire protection and ventilation fire insulation – there are plenty of concepts to be confused by when it comes to building structures. However, it does not have to be so complicated when you consult with Armadan A/S.

With 40 years of experience in sales and design, they know every nook and cranny of fire, cooling, condensation and thermal insulation and are sharp in the legislation in the area. Therefore, they only cooperate with the best manufacturers, including Danish ROCKWOOL, ISOVER, which is among the largest in mineral wool, as well as Dutch MULCOL International and Armacell, which are based in Luxembourg. The office and shop doors are open for installers at Armadan A/S in both Aarhus, Kolding and Ballerup, but if you know exactly which product you are looking for and is it mostly about fast delivery and a sharp online shopping price, we are available here at the shop.

Technical insulation and fire protection at a glance

Why thermal insulation makes a difference

Thermal insulation is

at the top of the agenda when Armadan's experts talk about technical insulation – and it is also relatively cheap and straightforward compared to other energy improvements. Depending on where the building's building envelope is located, there will be great savings to be made by retrofitting insulation to heating pipes in, for example, attic or basement rooms.

Heat loss increases with the length of the pipes – both cold and hot – which you may have noticed if you live at the end of a residential complex. The hot water has a harder time penetrating and can as a result cause fluctuating bathing water temperatures.

Also, do not forget the boiler and heating systems, even if it requires special insulation or tissue mats and ensuring maximum temperature – there is little point in spending funds on pipe insulation if the central function is allowed to emit radiant heat.

But back to what you can easily do something about, namely the water pipes. With the help of steel wire and tape, pipe bowls, an insulated sheath, are often mounted, which you are guaranteed to be able to feel on underfloor heating and radiators. You will feel more comfortable due to a stable indoor climate, at the same time you increase the value of the home, so also in the long run it is worth the effort.

Insulation classification and HVAC

The concept of thermal insulation includes, as already mentioned, heat loss and condensation. For specific guidance on insulation classes that have to do with ambient temperature, operating temperature and number of operating hours per year, check out the guidelines from Dansk Standard and make use of Rockwool's and Armadan's online calculators. In addition, we operate with a term called HVAC, which covers all mechanical technology within heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Also in this area, Armadan has a wide range to offer, so you can get a comfortable indoor climate.

The security around the system must be in place, therefore bels is able to supply UV syringes for gas leak detection on HVAC systems ( as well as wireless power and temperature modules ( with up to 65,000 time-stamped readouts. If you want to automate cooling and heating of office, hotel and shop environments, we offer the fancoil expansion module gesis FLEX ( for mounting on DIN rail. There are enough expenses as a businessman, so for you who want to minimize these, we are happy to get a Danfoss VLT frequency converter (

Get rid of moisture and condensation problems

With the right condensation insulation and pipe carriers, you can detect leaks before they spread. Armadan's experts must admit that it is often only when the pipes drip or there are signs of moisture in the ceiling that corrosion and corrosion in the form of condensation or even ice on ventilation ducts, cold or black pipes are taken care of. A distinction is made between condensation insulation with temperatures between 5°C-18°C and actual frost protection and frost insulation.

Where the former prevents pipes from standing and dripping, potential energy loss through the use of insulation and external vapour barrier, the latter helps to postpone the inevitable freezing of stagnant water in outdoor pipes, e.g. in asphalt. If the water stands still for long periods, tracing is used, i.e. a pipe is equipped with a heating cable under the insulation itself. If your site is exposed to frost, the building must be laid at a frost-free depth, alternatively secured with an underlying insulating layer to avoid cold bridges and maintain energy efficiency. The heating tank is also placed frost-free. 

When you will be able to hear a pin fall to the ground

Do you get annoyed when the neighbor starts the garden machine early morning or late at night? Do you live next to a busy road or does your colleague have a knack for making the workday stressful with his sounds, phone calls and movement patterns? Then sound insulation is worth thinking into the building structure. If sound regulation has not had much room in consideration when the property was built there are still things you can do, the effect will just not be as great. Rockwool stone wool insulation and Isover glass wool both have sound-absorbing properties – you get more gains in these products as acoustics, energy efficiency and fire safety are improved.

Don't let the fire take hold

Anyone who has experienced a fire knows how big the consequences are before you get everyday life – and your business – up and running again. Armadan's fire protection solutions protect you against such accidents. The range includes fire protection of load-bearing building components, passive fire seals and fire insulation of ventilation ducts, which ensures correct resistance depending on where they pass through. The possibilities are many, whether we are talking steel, composite or concrete. When the consulting engineer has been on the pitch and the steel's critical temperature, section factor and fire resistance have been clarified, you are welcome to contact us for an offer on Conlit (

Armadan ALU tape

Condensation and heat loss are no-go in modern construction. To ensure tight joints and thus prevent heat from leaking out or, for that matter, air from entering and creating moisture problems, heating pipes should be insulated and finished with durable aluminum sealing tape. Alutape is of course heat-resistant and can also be used, for example, for downspouts and ventilation pipes. Make sure to apply to a cleaned surface, which as a starting point should be at the same temperature as the sealing tape – the surface temperature naturally varies depending on whether it is inside or outside.

Annealed iron wire

Even if you have your hands screwed on well, it can be difficult to control foil around channels and pipes at the same time as cutting. This is where the robust but soft and flexible galvanized wind wire comes into the picture for temporary attachment of the foil – see video about heat pipe insulation on in the best Jørgen Clevin style.

Find accessories for Armaflex

Armaflex offers adhesives from A-Z! Here we introduce two of the most sought after, each with its own unique benefits. +150 °C – this is how high operating temperatures the adhesive HT625 can handle. It is a pleasure to work with on both Armaflex and DuoSolar insulation systems thanks to its waterproof adhesive properties. Type 520 is also weather and ageing resistant and ensures precise and reliable joining of all insulation materials except Armaflex Ultima, which deals with fire protection using elastomers.

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