AJAX - Effective and reliable solutions for security and monitoring

AJAX is a manufacturer of security solutions that offers advanced systems for monitoring and protecting both homes and businesses. With a wide range of products and solutions, AJAX offers innovative and reliable safety systems for all needs.

AJAX is known for providing effective and reliable security solutions that provide safety and security for both private individuals and companies. With products such as wireless alarm systems, video surveillance, access control and smart home solutions, AJAX has a comprehensive product portfolio that can meet any security need.

As a trusted vendor, AJAX offers advanced security solutions that give the user full control over their security system. With an intuitive and easy-to-use app that can be installed on both smartphone and tablet, users can easily and conveniently monitor and control their security system anywhere, anytime.

On Bels.dk, we are proud to offer AJAX products on our website. We guarantee overnight delivery for all stock items and have over 50,000 stock items for immediate delivery. With more than 300,000 different items, you can find everything you need for your project or business. We also offer cheap shipping and can deliver products throughout Europe.

Our Danish customer service is always ready to help and answer questions about products and delivery. We pride ourselves on offering our customers the best service and quality, and we always strive to meet our customers' needs and requirements.

Some of the benefits you get when buying AJAX products on Bels.dk include:

  • Advanced security solutions from a trusted manufacturer
  • Day to day delivery for all stock items
  • Over 50,000 items in stock for immediate delivery
  • More than 300,000 different items
  • Cheap shipping and delivery throughout Europe
  • Danish top-class customer service

So whether you are looking for an advanced alarm system, video surveillance or a smart home solution, you can find it on Bels.dk. Order today and experience safety and security in a new way with AJAX products from Bels.dk.

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  1.  lemon rengøringsmiddel 1250ml - Billede 1
    Ajax lemon rengøringsmiddel 1250ml
    Ajax rengøringsmiddel lemon 1250 ml
    Vare nr.: 5720000037138
    On stock: 2
    €4.01 Vores pris €3.21 €5.79 Vejl. Pris
  2. Repeater, rex 2, hvid
    Repeater, rex 2, hvid
    Repeater REX 2, 230V med batteribackup på op til 38 timer. Trådløs 2-vejs 868 MHz, understøtter Motioncam. farve: Sort
    Vare nr.: 4823114007392
    Temp. soldout
    €345.95 €276.76
  3. Solar plus ajax security hub 2 4g, hvid
    Solar plus ajax security hub 2 4g, hvid
    Solar Plus Ajax Security Hub2 4G med indbygget Ethernet og GPRS/GSM. Max 50 brugere/100 detektorer. App for iOS/Android. Farve: Hvid
    Vare nr.: 4823114008153
    On stock: 35
    €375.61 Vores pris €300.49 €565.34 Vejl. Pris

3 produkter

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